People often ask if I am the way I am because I'm a counselor.  I respond by saying... "actually I became a counselor because of the way I naturally am... I have always enjoyed meeting new people, talking to people, getting to know people and hearing their stories...trying to understand the way they see the world."

It is this interest in people, their stories and varieties of world view that led me to an undergraduate degree in Human Communication with an emphasis in Psychology and Sociology (Arizona State University) and a masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Northern Arizona University.  This combination of interest areas influences my counseling style and the experience clients have in my office.  I tend to be very progressive in my therapeutic approach as well as my own world view of topics that affect human behavior.  Having a progressive approach means I look at people as whole individuals and, therefore, incorporate a holistic view of human behavior.  I don't believe people can explore feelings/emotions without also exploring thoughts and behavior.  I see happiness or life satisfaction as a result of life choices: physically, financially and emotionally.  I don't believe the work happens in the office.  I believe that the conversation happens in the office and the work happens based on the way each client chooses to apply it in the real world.  Though I am trained and able to diagnose mental illness, I don't believe the average person who chooses counseling as a coping skill is "broken" or "mentally ill."  If this does apply, I will treat or refer as appropriate.

My specialty areas include explorative work (using the Enneagram of Personality), crisis intervention (in the home or community), problem resolution, relationships and addiction.  I also work with First Responders and Military personnel and their families.

I work with adult men and women; couples, families and groups.  I'm available for company and group trainings, team building and speaking events.  I live, work and play in the Phoenix area of Ahwatukee and am involved in multiple community groups and events.