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Mysti Rainwater, Licensed Professional Counselor

11011 S 48th Street
Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ     85044

480-223-8263 (Phone)
counselor@mystirainwater.info (E-mail)
480-247-5705 (Fax)

Mysti Rainwater is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona. She earned a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in Community Counseling after graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Communication with minor emphasis in Psychology and Sociology.  

Ms. Rainwater works with individuals, couples, families and business groups using a unique “progressive" approach to counseling; thus incorporating the natural link between individual traits and family, social and cultural influences and expectations to assist clients working through potentially life-altering decisions such as partner, family and life planning; sexuality; religious, spiritual or cultural options; career choices; alcohol or other drug use.  

She has advanced training in crisis counseling, short-term/solution-focused counseling, cognitive-behavioral, structural and strategic and systems theory including certification in multiple evidence-based approaches.

Ms. Rainwater is active in community events and participates in local writing and speaking opportunities.  She practices the holistic method of health she teaches (balance of physical, financial and emotional factors).  Ms. Rainwater has been providing training and counseling services for over 20 years and is known for her direct, compassionate approach to personal and family concerns.  She shares an inspiring, yet practical approach to problem conceptualization and offers speaking engagements to small groups and businesses for problem solving and communication training. She is married with two children and has a private practice in the Ahwatukee area of Phoenix, where she practices psychotherapy, training/coaching and consultation as well as supervision of therapists in training and accepts most insurance. 

Mysti Rainwater, LPC

“You can evade reality.  You cannot evade the consequences of evading reality”   - Ayn Rand
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